Currently, I am a PhD student in the Computational Fabrication Group of Professor Wojciech Matusik.

Previously, I obtained a bachelor and master's degrees from EPFL where I worked in the Computer Graphics and Geometry laboratory of Professor Mark Pauly.


My research interests include computer graphics, vision and computational fabrication with a specific interest for inverse problems, notably inverse procedural modeling.

Beside research, I like photography, traveling, arts (especially drawing and painting) and philosophy.


Color Contoning for 3D Printing Vahid Babaei, Kiril Vidimce, Mike Foshey, Alexandre Kaspar, Piotr Didyk and Wojciech Matusik


Foundry: Hierarchical Material Design for Multi-Material Fabrication Kiril Vidimce, Alexandre Kaspar, Ye Wang, Wojciech Matusik

UIST, 2016

Gradient-based 2D-to-3D Conversion for Soccer Videos Kiana Calagari, Piotr Didyk, Mohamed Elgharib, Alexandre Kaspar, Mohamed Hefeeda and Wojciech Matusik

ACM Multimedia, 2015

Self-Tuning Texture OptimizationAlexandre Kaspar, Boris Neubert, Dani Lischinski, Mark Pauly and Johannes Kopf

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings Eurographics), 34(2), 2015

Interactive Design Exploration for Constrained Meshes Bailin Deng, Sofien Bouaziz, Mario Deuss, Alexandre Kaspar, Yuliy Schwartzburg and Mark Pauly

Computer-Aided Design 61: 13-23, 2015

Realtime Deformation of Constrained Meshes on GPUAlexandre Kaspar and Bailin Deng

In GPU Computing and Applications, 15-34. Springer Singapore, 2015



You can find me on Github or contact me by email.